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Nina B Therapy

Relationship Counselling and Sex Therapy

Darwin, Northern Territory based Relationship Counsellor and Sex Therapist    

2019 Sexology in Practice Conference .

Below is a 30 minute presentation on Pornography and its effects on individual's and relationships.

Tuesdays chat was all about Gratitude in these times of recovery. Gratitude is proven to improve peoples outlook and mental health. This chat demonstrates how to best to do gratitude so it can help influence you emotional state and you feel ore secure and safe.

Tuesday 11 February.

In today's show we chatted condoms, valetines day and relationships.

I have started a fortnightly chat about Mental Health with ABC's Liz Trevaskis. This week we touched on what mental health is, the bush fires and stress.

January 2020

December 2019

Enjoyed talking about porn on Wavelength Fresh 47.2 Adelaide Podcast. We get into it around 10 minutes in.

June 4th Interview with Liz on Darwin ABC : 5 Tips to spruce up your libido.

May 14th 2018 Interview with Liz Trevaskis on the effects of drugs on sexual desire.

Follow the link below for a listen to my chat with Liz Trevaskis yesterday on ABC Radio on the topic of Endometriosis and intimacy.

I was fortunate to travel to Moree in NSW on March 1st, to be a speaker of the "Living with Endo" Seminar. Some of the experts in the field were there to such as Dr Jason Chow, a leading gynocologist/obstetrician and pain specialist; Deborah Bush QSM, the co-founder of Endo NZ and chair of the World Endometriosis Society; 

Dr Margaret O’Brien, a psychologist and hypnotherapist; Elizabeth Howard, an osteopathy and pain specialist; Dr John Eden, a leading endocrinologist and gynocologist who works with Pius; and Dr Michael Campton who is associated with Pius. It was wonderful to to share information and awareness for this incurable disease for rural woman. Thank you to Cathy Duncan and Jess Duncan for organising this seminar.

NT News May 17 2017


NT News February 14th 2017

Here is the 5 min excerpt from ABC 105.7 Darwin's Adam Steer on the challenges I am finding workers facing in the NT

Sunday October 16th. Enjoyed chatting to Lish Fejer of Canberra ABC Radio. Sex, intimacy and relationships.

ABC Darwin 105.7fm          10 October 2016

Thank you Rebecca McLaren for having me on 105.7fm for a fun chat about Sex & Relationships. 

Article on woman in business in Canberra April 2015

May 2015

A reader has a question about her low desire for sex. 

                 June 2015  

In June a reader asks about her heterosexual husband who is curious to have a male on male encounter.

ABC 666 interview on sexuality and disabilities 2015

Queanbeyan Age February 7 2014


10/03/2019 Couple

" You've been so helpful in assisting us with navigating each other in times of change and stress. There have still been stressful times and lots of learning, and there's still so much learning to do (I don't know if it will stop). Much respect for what you do" 

28/09/2017 - Couple

" Things are going along really well with us. Our chats have immensely assisted me in my interpretation of my husband's behaviours and also my own. Speaking with you is probably the best thing we as a couple could have done for our marriage."

15/05/2017 - 63 yr old Male

"ED ( erectile dysfunction) continues to be a thing of the past."

20/04/2017 - 64 yr old Male

"Thank you, thank you. We are now of a better understanding of each others feelings, needs and wants. Talking to you has given us ways to open the conversation door that has been closed for a very long time, after our open talking we are both now in better place".

09/03/2017 - Couple

“We took a lot from today's session and we are feeling so much better about everything so thank you.”

20/02/2017 - Couple

“Thank you for everything. You have helped our relationship enormously."