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Nina B Therapy

Relationship Counselling and Sex Therapy

Darwin, Northern Territory based Relationship Counsellor and Sex Therapist    


PRE CONTEMPLATION - "Problem? What problem?"

CONTEMPLATION - "mmm maybe it is a problem"?

PREPARATION - "I've made up my mind to do something!"

ACTION - "I am doing something about it"

MAINTENANCE - "I have been doing something about it"

SUCCESS! - "That is no longer a problem"

People generally seek counselling when they are experiencing a crisis, or are looking for positive change in their lives. As we all know, there are no magical quick fixes. Change takes commitment and hard work.

The therapists job is to build a trusting relationship and provide a safe environment for the client to be able to explore how they are going to affect that change in their lives.

A Sex Therapists role expands a little to help guide clients in specific directions with specific "sexercises" in order to overcome the sexual issues they may be experiencing. The Sex Therapist will not touch the client or have a sexual relationship with the client.

Taking into account that everyone has different cultural and life experiences, each person and problem is treated in a positive manner which will best help them bring about change in their life. 

Many clients have tried suggested techniques they have read about without much use. Sometimes the correct method is not adhered to or the clients expectations are not managed and the client looses confidence. Therapy can help you decide on your goals and give you the tools to get there.