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February 2022 Territory Relationships and Intimate Health was awarded a small grant from the NT Government to launch pilot project.

TRIH is so excited to announce a pilot program providing sexuality education for parents and care givers- boosting their skills and confidence. 

Have you ever felt completely out of your depth and awkward talking about sex with your partner, I imagine it the thought of discussing it with your children would be worse . What we do know is that the messages children receive at home from their families and care givers shapes the thoughts, feelings and even physical responses to intimacy and healthy sexuality.

If you would like to take part in this pilot program let us know as we set up an "interested" list to offer free education on the best approaches and when. send an e mail to [email protected] or call 0422858363.


TIPS 2021 Territory Intimacy and Pleasure Symposium

The Inaugural Territory, Intimacy and Pleasure Symposium 2021 (T.I.P.S.) was a two Day, event at the luxurious Hilton Hotel in May.

It was filled with workshops and fun activities designed to encourage and normalise talking about intimacy and pleasure as well as to encourage individual and couples growth.

Presented by Darwin's top Psychologists, Physiotherapists , Sexual Health specialists and Clinical Psychosexual Therapist. Darwin's top talent in dancing, burlesque pole fitness yoga and hypnotherapy encouraged participants to get moving. You can see the fabulous Line we had below.

Nina Booysen - Understanding Desire

Nina Booysen – Event Organiser - (Clinical Psychosexual Therapist, Counsellor and Social worker)

Understanding Desire

Desire, or libido is one of the most common reasons why couples and individuals seek therapy. I see as many men with low sexual desire as I do woman, which may surprise you. This session will help you to understand how desire works, its ferocity as well as its fragility.

We will take a look at:

The influences on desire from psychological, biological and social/relational perspective.

Learn how our brain works regarding desire.

What can we do to have more control over our desire.

We will look at some common questions like “how often is enough?”

Sensate Focus for Couples

In this session we will use focus of attention skills to learn how to be touched and feel connected present and relaxed. We explore the different levels of touch and reflect to our

partners. At the end you will feel a deeper connection and understanding of how your partner wants to be touched from an affectionate, intimate, and sexual perspective. Note this is for couples and will be fully clothed.

Nina has eight years’ experience in counselling and Sex Therapy. She received her Masters in 2012. More recently in 2020, she achieved the European Federation of Sexology and European Society of Sexual Medicine Psychosexual Therapist accreditation.

She is dedicated to continued learning and has trained in modalities such as EMDR, Solution Focussed Brief Therapy, Gottman Couples, ACT, IFS and MI. She uses an eclectic approach to suit clients’ needs and goals.

In her career she has worked in other areas such as domestic violence, sexual assault and addictions. She has a solid understanding of areas such as depression, anxiety and trauma. She is kink friendly and LGBTQI inclusive. Nina is passionate about helping people find comfort and pleasure with their sexual identity, expression and behaviour.

Nina has been an invited speaker for Endometriosis conferences, Cancer Council Forums as well as numerous radio and print publications.

Michelle Taylor (Psychologist)

Using presence to create connection, pleasure and intimacy.

Being in life and enjoying life is engaging with it, connecting to each other and to the sensations in your own body. Connection and pleasure in a relationship starts outside the bedroom. In this session you will discover:

The neuroscience behind anxiety and presence (mindfulness)

What gets in the way to connecting to your partner

What gets in the way to being in the moment to enjoy intimacy and pleasure.

And practice, a number of ways to reconnect to the present to enjoy pleasure and intimacy.

Michelle Taylor spent many years caring for others in an ICU hospital setting, managing an erectile dysfunction clinic and Wellbeing coach before embarking on a career in Psychology. This wealth of experience gives her training and coaching a practical edge and her humour, relatability and anecdotes make integrating new learning a seamless process. Michelle’s clients range from individuals and private businesses to mining companies, and include all levels of local, state and federal government now has a keen focus on Healthcare leadership. A sought after keynote speaker at health forums, she delivers important learnings on a range of topics including mindfulness, resilience, change management, team building, wellbeing, leadership and communication.

Clee Tonkin

The Vagina Workshop

Clee Tonkin ( Manager PhysioTherapy Royal Darwin Hospital, Pelvic Floor specialist

This talk will help woman and men understand the pelvic floor and vagina so that you can consider and explore your intimacy with confidence. This session will focus on functional anatomy of the female pelvic floor, including the clitoris. Clee is aiming to give the participant an understanding of the role of the pelvic floor in sexual function and a brief understanding of the implications of overactive and underactive pelvic floors

Clee Tonkin has 15 years of generalist physiotherapy experience, with the last 6 years focussed on pelvic health. She has a Masters in Continence and Women's Health Physiotherapy, with a special interest in persistent pelvic pain. She is currently the Manager of the Royal Darwin & Palmerston Physiotherapy Department, a member of the Australian Medical Assistance Team (AUSMAT) and is engaged in clinical research. Clee's proudest achievement, however, is winning the 2016 Alice Springs Beanie Festival with a knitted version of an Albert Namitjira painting.

Dr Suzanne Belton

The Case of the Missing Clitoris -

Why weren't we taught about sexual pleasure from our parents or teachers? Why is there an orgasm gap? How come your doctor doesn't know the real anatomy of a clitoris? Is there such a thing as the G spot? The case of the vanishing clitoris will offer you historical, cultural and artistic answers to these questions. You will be able to hold a model of an anatomically correct clitoris and learn the right terms to describe it. Bring your sense of humour and curiosity to this talk.

Suzanne is an adjunct Associate Professor at the Menzies School of Health Research, Northern Territory and has worked as a lecturer and researcher with Charles Darwin University, Flinders University and the Centre for Remote Health. She is a nurse, midwife and medical anthropologist.

She has a consultancy company and supports organisations to use evidence in their health and welfare work. She is skilled in sexual and reproductive health, public health, policy analysis, health literacy, mixed methods research and health advocacy. As President of the Public Health Association of Australia (NT Branch) she advocates for greater preventative and public health measures. She collaborates in the Get Cliterate! Anatomical Models project with medical doctors and a 3D model designer. She has a passion to educate health professionals about female anatomy and sexual pleasure.



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Kylie Morrisroe (Physiotherapist)

Toolbag for the Tools

This session is an opportunity to learn about the male pelvic floor and how to maintain health to ensure full potential for your intimacy and pleasure.

40% of Australian Men will experience erectile dysfunction and 10% will have some form of urinary incontinence during their lifetime. Both conditions are multifactorial and can be managed. These topics are not usually spoken about especially amongst peers. Lets' open the discussion. Come along a learn how the mechanics work behind the tool, understand the

anatomy of the penis and gain some insight in penile care and rehabilitation

Kylie Morrisroe (Physiotherapist)

A graduate of Charles Sturt University, Kylie has gained a wealth of experience working as a specialist treating both men's and woman's health. She values education to ensure her clients have a full understanding of their condition and provides them with strategies to enable to achieve their goals. When not at Tangibilis Physiotherapy you will find her exploring the natural wonders of the Top End or along the Darwin Running Trails.


Phone: 8914 8880

e mail: [email protected]


Nina Boosyen

Sensate Focus for Couples - 

Having worked with couples for the past nine years it is evident that we loose a sense of presence, anticipation and patience with our partners. We skip fun, we stop flirting and we disconnect.

Sensate focus is a sex therapy technique introduced by the Masters and Johnson. It works by refocusing the participants on their own sensory perceptions and sensuality, instead of goal-oriented behavior focused on the genitals and penetrative sex.

This session is fully clothed and will guide you through the different levels of touch. The goal is not arousal but slow deliberate intentional touch.